General Information

We’re always looking for families in the Ogden area who are interested in billeting Mustang players. Please contact to express your interest or ask any further questions.

Whether you’re a player, parent or fan, we hope the information on this page is helpful to you, in explaining what the billeting experience is like for Ogden Mustangs players. Our players come from around the world to play hockey in Ogden. While the coaches take care of their on-ice development and care, a key part of an Ogden Mustang player’s experience is what happens off-ice, in the homes they are billeted in. We take pride in providing our players with the best accommodations possible, with caring families in the local community. For many of our players, this is their first time away from home. A stable home environment goes a long way in providing peace of mind and solidity to these 17-21 year olds, as well as their own families back home. Many have found that becoming a billet family is an extremely rewarding experience, forming a special bond with the players in their home.

Above: Jakob Engvall and his family from Sweden visiting.


“Having our son thousands of miles away, was often difficult, but knowing he was in good hands, in a good home, with good people made all the difference. David’s billet families treated him like their own son. David didn’t just live in a house, he lived in a home, and I cannot thank those billets enough for including David as one of the family.”


— Neville Clements, Great Britain


Billet families are expected to provide reasonable accommodations for their players. We typically ask a family to take two players, providing a private room for them to share at the very least. Billet families are also required to provide nutritious food that is available for players to prepare or for the family to prepare for the players. Players are expected to conduct themselves with respect and consideration in a billet’s home. As a guest member of the household, players are to take care of their living space appropriately, cleaning up after themselves, as well as contribute to the maintenance of the household as a whole, as deemed necessary between the player and the family. Players and families are expected to clearly communicate schedules. Players should inform families of where they will be for extended periods of time. Likewise, families should communicate if there are instances that will keep them away from the home for an extended period of time. Players are responsible for getting their own transportation to and from team functions. Families may assist if they feel appropriate. There are a variety of team rules that players are required to abide, and we ask that billet families aid in the enforcement of those. The assignment of which players are billeted at which home comes from the coaching staff.


“We have become great friends with and so appreciate Mike and Kathy, who housed our son for two years in Ogden. We will never forget their generosity. It was especially nice to be able to get to know them when we visited ourselves.”


— Lotta and Per Hallin, Sweden


Billet families receive monthly financial compensation during the season. The check comes from the team on the first of the month. In addition, a set of season tickets for the current season’s Mustang home games will also be provided.

But beyond monetary value, many of our billet families have found friendships and memories that will last a lifetime.