After 140 games and three seasons, David Clements’ time as a Mustang has come to an end. In case you missed our announcement yesterday, he’s signed a pro contract back home in Great Britain for the coming season. We wanted to get his thoughts on a few key moments he experienced as a Mustang. Here they are, straight from him.

First game as a Mustang
My first game was horrible. We played Valencia in a 3-game series. In the first game, we were tied 3-3 and with a minute left I rushed the puck forward from my own zone, took a spill on the blue line, Valencia goes down 3-on-0 and scores with 50 seconds left. Coach was not happy. [Things got better from there.]

Finally beating the Steelheads
We played Idaho my first year and didn’t get dominated, but couldn’t win. The second year hit and still just couldn’t find a way to best them. Then going into their barn toward playoffs, we needed a hot streak. We beat them in a shootout, and I’ve never seen a team come so close together as brothers as we did after that win. It was amazing.

Winning that first division championship
Playoffs started on home ice, we beat the Moose and went back to Idaho. They were going to the Thorne Cup finals already, and we were playing for the division championship and a spot in the finals as well. We played out of our minds for 120 minutes, sweeping them for the Mustangs’ first division championship. Can’t describe that feeling. Sensational.

Dropping the gloves
I’m not much a fighter [says the team’s all-time leader in penalty minutes], but two seasons ago there was a guy from Seattle who was just running around throwing cheap shots, asking everyone to fight. Coach said on the bench, “somebody go fight him now.” I said “yeah why not, let’s do it,” hopped off the bench, he was happy to fight when I asked him and we had a decent tilt. Got the fans going, especially with a packed house on our American Cancer Society fundraiser night. That was fun!

Winning one for Lincoln
A little boy named Lincoln, he had a lot of troubles fighting cancer at a young age. Him and his family loved the Mustangs and came to every game they could. During my second season, we got Lincoln in the locker room before a game. He have everyone blue wrist bands which showed his name on it and that he was fighting cancer. The whole team gave him a fist bump. We wore the bands and won that game. We invited him back in the locker room to celebrate and gave him a stick to go home with. That’s a very special feeling. Now he’s cancer free, and I couldn’t be happier for him.

Mustang ownership
Lori, our owner, is simply something else. The things she’d do for us boys was outstanding. Not only getting us the best equipment, things to make us be better, but her love for us and battling for us behind the scenes. Before our trip to the showcase in Vegas, we made a pit stop, Disneyland in California for 2 days. It really brought the boys together, and that there is just something I’ll never forget. My favourite trip I’ve ever been on.

I’m going to miss …
The bus trips with the guys, the mountains in Utah, the atmosphere in the rink on the weekends, mini sticks with Bowman, Skeefy, Chuck! Olive Garden, Jon McBride’s interviews. But something I’ll never get back is the brotherhood on the team. Ogden is a place where you build a brotherhood, with every guy on the team, stronger than any team in the league.