The eagerly-awaited release of the 2018-19 Western States Hockey League Schedule is here:

Sept. 29 – Mustangs at Utah Outliers
Oct. 5-7 – Mustangs vs. Casper Bobcats
Oct. 12-14 – Mustangs vs. Northern Colorado Eagles
Oct. 19 – Mustangs vs. Utah Outliers
Oct. 20 – Mustangs at Utah Outliers
Oct. 26-28 – Mustangs at Casper Bobcats
Nov. 2-4 – Mustangs vs. Steamboat Wranglers
Nov. 16-18 – Mustangs at Oklahoma City Blazers
Nov. 9-11 – Mustangs at Cheyenne Stampede
Dec. 7-9 – Mustangs vs. Cheyenne Stampede
Dec. 14 – Mustangs at Outliers
Dec. 18-21 – Western States Shootout
Jan. 4- 6 – Mustangs vs. Steamboat Wranglers
Jan. 11-13 – Mustangs at Casper Bobcats
Jan. 19 – Mustangs vs. Utah Outliers
Jan. 25-27 – Mustangs at San Diego Sabers
Feb. 1-2 – Mustangs at Utah Outliers
Feb. 15-17 – Mustangs vs. Long Beach Bombers
Feb. 22 – Mustangs vs. Utah Outliers
Feb. 23 – Mustangs at Utah Outliers
March 1-3 – Mustangs vs. Cheyenne Stampede
March 8-10 – Mustangs at Steamboat Wranglers

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An updated schedule will be posted on the Schedule tab of this website in the coming days. We will also make available a version to sync directly to your device’s calendar app.

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