Ogden Mustangs fans will have a special opportunity to own a special piece of Mustangs memorabilia this season.

The team will be sporting these brand-new, limited-edition warm up jerseys in 2017-18.


These jerseys will be available for $150 (that’s a lot less than the $300+ prices our game-worn jerseys have gone for in the past). But in anticipation of high demand, we would like to give all Mustang fans an equal shot at getting one of these jerseys by holding a special jersey draft/raffle.

Here’s how it will work:

– Sign up HERE to let us know that you’d like a chance to get one of these jerseys

– Be willing and able to pay the $150 if you’re selected

– On Monday, August 14 at 7 p.m. we will hold a live draft/raffle on Facebook live, selecting the 27 fans who get a jersey

– According to your draft spot, you get the opportunity to select the jersey number you want (first fan selected gets first pick and could pick Spodniak’s 18 or Dittenhafer’s 3 or any other number available, etc., second fan gets second choice of jersey number, etc.)

– You’ll have 48 hours after the draft to pay your $150

– Once we receive payment and the entire draft order is set, we will hold a separate draft at The Ice Sheet during main camp for the fans who are getting jerseys to select the numbers they want

– Before the season starts, you’ll get a special chance to meet and greet the player whose jersey number you have

– After the final home game of the season, you’ll receive the jersey from the player

We’ll have a total of 27 jerseys available. That means that not all jersey numbers will be filled by the entire opening-day roster. But as you’ve seen in seasons past, players are acquired throughout the season, right up until the trade deadline. So don’t worry, if you don’t have a player with your number at the beginning of the season, you may end up with a key player at the end of the season.

Be sure to sign up soon, and we’ll look forward to seeing you online soon for the upcoming Mustangs Fan Jersey Draft.

That sign up link again:

>>> SIGN UP HERE <<<