The Ogden Mustangs went on their final road trip of the season last weekend to Steamboat Springs, Colorado and returned with a sweep over the Wranglers with 10-2, 8-1 and 10-2 victories.

The Mustangs end the regular season with a record of 47-2-2, the second best regular season in Western States Hockey League history and the best record in franchise history.

The Mustangs and Wranglers now have this weekend off before they face each other again, in Ogden this time, March 22-24 for playoff hockey.

Individually, Rhett Rampinelli and Ammon Anderson, the Mustangs’ top two scorers all season long, ended the regular season on an extremely high note. Anderson had 90 points coming into the weekend, and Rampinelli, who had already hit 100 points this season, made it his mission to help his linemate get 10 points in the series to hit that same mark.

Rampinelli ended up with five goals and 12 assists in the three games. Anderson had six goals and eight assists.

Rampinelli finishes the season with 131 points. That’s the second-most regular season point total in franchise history, behind only Matus Spodniak’s record-setting 146 points last season.

Anderson finishes with 104 points. He’s only the sixth Mustang to ever hit 100 points in a season. Anderson has also quietly worked his way into fifth in franchise history for Mustangs franchise scoring. He recently leapfrogged Austin Shea, Jacob Laurin and Montell Greene. Keep in mind, Anderson has done all of this before turning 18.

Three different goaltenders saw action for the Mustangs last weekend with Artur Ogandzhanyan getting the win on Friday, Alex Neverve getting the win on Saturday and Kevin Tardif getting the win on Sunday.

Offensive leaders from last weekend:

Rhett Rampinelli – 5 goals, 12 assists
Ammon Anderson – 6 goals, 8 assists
Kerry Kruzel – 6 goals, 3 assists
Matts Thielemann – 2 goals, 3 assists
Ryan Mascali – 5 assists
John Shively – 4 assists
Cannon Rogers – 1 goal, 2 assists
Shane Gilbert – 3 assists

A highlight of the weekend came late in Sunday’s game as Matej Krejsa scored his first two goals of the season.

Only a few teams have regular season games remaining this weekend. The overall WSHL standings are nearly all set heading into the playoffs:

Ogden Mustangs – 143 pts
El Paso Rhinos – 120 pts
Long Beach Bombers – 119 pts
Oklahoma City Blazers – 116 pts
Edson Aeros – 108 pts – 2 gms left
Bellingham Blazers – 105 pts – 2 gms left
Utah Outliers – 104 pts
Seattle Totems – 100 pts – 2 gms left
Fresno Monsters – 100 pts

The Mustangs’ playoff schedule now is as follows:

March 22-24 – First Round – Mustangs vs. Wranglers
March 29-31 – Division Finals – Winner of Mustangs-Wranglers vs. Winner of Outliers-Bobcats
April 9-13 – WSHL Thorne Cup Finals – Top 6 Remaining WSHL Teams