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Friday night’s 5-4 comeback, shootout victory was an exciting game, but also a unique game. There were a few things that happened which prompted me to dig into some stats, specifically looking at past Mustang shootouts and comebacks.

1st off, it was the 1st shootout for the Mustangs since Feb. 28, 2014 in McCall against the Idaho Jr. Steelheads. Remember that one? It was the 1st time the Mustangs had ever beaten the Steelheads in 3 seasons and the precursor to great things in the playoffs. It was also when Simon Teodorsson did this:

Mustangs’ All-Time Shootout Results
Win – Jan. 23, 5-4 vs. Salt Lake Moose
Win – Feb. 28, 5-4 at Idaho Jr. Steelheads
Win – Feb. 15, 3-2 vs. Cheyenne Stampede
Loss – Feb. 2, 4-3 vs. Idaho Jr. Steelheads
Loss – Dec. 1, 6-5 vs. Salt Lake City Moose
Loss – Nov. 11, 3-2 vs. Seattle Totems
Loss – Nov. 10, 3-2 vs. Seattle Totems
Win – Nov. 9, 3-2 vs. Seattle Totems
Win – Nov. 3, 5-4 at Boulder Bison
Loss – Oct. 5, 5-4 at Bay Area Seals
Loss – Sep. 21, 3-2 vs. Valencia Flyers
Loss – Dec. 9, 5-4 at Park City Moose

So … digesting that, the Mustangs are 5-7 all time in shootouts and have won 3 in a row (spanning over 3 seasons) after dropping 4 in a row before that. As you can see, the Mustangs played a ton of games that went to shootouts in 2012-13. The number of shootouts dropped league-wide the following season after adding the 2nd overtime of 3-on-3 play before going to a shootout. Previously, there had only been 1 4-on-4 overtime period before the shootout.

Mustangs’ All-Time Best Shootout Performers (with 4 or more attempts)
Schuyler Seyfert – 3-for-5
Christian Kraus – 2-for-5
Dusty Watt – 1-for-4
Kody Rodriguez – 1-for-4

OK … now let’s look at comebacks.

Here’s a rundown of comeback victories (defined as games the Mustangs won after trailing at any point in the game) this season:

Oct. 5, 2014 – 4-3 OT win vs. Colorado Eagles
1-goal comeback, 3rd period
Tyler Weber’s powerplay goal put the Eagles up 3-2 with 10:58 left in the 2nd period. That lead held until 4:12 into the 3rd period, when Edvin Johansson tied the game. Jon Mencer won the game with an overtime marker.

Oct. 12, 2014 – 3-2 win at Colorado RoughRiders
2-goal comeback, 2nd period
1st period goals from Hunter Behrens and Thayne Trumbull put the RoughRiders up 2-0 heading into the 2nd. The Mustangs then scored 3 straight goals, 2 from Edvin Johansson and the winner from Craig Moore, in the 2nd frame to win it 3-2.

Oct. 26, 2014 – 5-3 win at Colorado Eagles
1-goal comeback, 2nd period
Back-to-back goals by Levi Weber gave the Eagles a 2-1 lead halfway through the game, with 9:13 on the clock in the 2nd period. The Mustangs then scored 4 straight goals to go up 5-2 before the home team added a late one. Ilya Bobko’s powerplay goal stood as the game winner.

Nov. 2, 2014 – 3-1 win vs. Casper Coyotes
1-goal comeback, 1st period
The division-leading Coyotoes scored just 4:38 into this game, Chris Lugg finding the back of the net. But after that, it was all Mustangs in this game. Johansson and Bobko scored powerplay goals in the 1st. Johansson added another in the 2nd. Shots on goal were 39-19 for Ogden.

Dec. 16, 2014 – 4-1 win vs. Valencia Flyers
1-goal comeback, 1st period
It was the 1st game of the Western States Shootout. Adam Papayoanou opened the scoring for the Flyers, then the Mustangs scored 4 in a row to win it. Charlie Reed had the game winner. Bobko (2) and Mencer had the other goals.

So those were the lone comeback victories this season, previous to Friday’s. As you noticed, 4 of those 5 were 1-goal deficits that the Mustangs erased. The other was a 2-goal deficit. Only 1 of those games featured a comeback when trailing in the 3rd period. Obviously not quite as dramatic as Friday’s comeback.

OK. So what about past seasons? How have those teams done with comebacks?

2013-14 (8 comebacks)
Feb. 28 at Idaho Jr. Steelheads, 1-goal comeback, 2nd period
Feb. 14 vs. Seattle Totems, 1-goal comeback, 2nd period
Jan. 12 at Seattle Totems, 2-goal comeback, 3rd period
Dec. 6 vs. Missoula Maulers, 2-goal comeback, 2nd period
Nov. 9 at Missoula Maulers, 1-goal comeback, 1st period
Oct. 19 at Arizona Redhawks, 1-goal comeback, 1st period
Oct. 12 at Southern Oregon Spartans, 2-goal comeback, 2nd period
Sep. 27 at Wichita Jr. Thunder, 1-goal comeback, 1st period
2012-13 (4 comebacks)
Nov. 9 vs. Seattle Totems, 1-goal comeback, 3rd period
Nov. 3 at Boulder Bison, 3-goal comeback, 2nd period
Nov. 2 at Boulder Bison, 1-goal comeback, 1st period
Oct. 6 at Bay Area Seals, 1-goal comeback, 1st period
2011-12 (6 comebacks)
Feb. 10 vs. Park City Moose, 1-goal comeback, 2nd period
Jan. 29 vs. Dallas Snipers, 1-goal comeback, 1st period
Jan. 28 vs. Dallas Snipers, 2-goal comeback, 2nd period
Jan. 20 at Park City Moose, 1-goal comeback, 2nd period
Dec. 19 vs. Phoenix Knights, 1-goal comeback, 1st period
Oct. 28 at New Mexico Renegades, 1-goal comeback, 2nd period

After combing through all of that, we see a lot of 1st and 2nd period comebacks, but only 3 all-time 3rd period comebacks. We also see a lot of 1- and 2-goal comebacks, but only 1 other 3 goal comeback. And, indeed, we have never seen both a 3rd-period and 3-goal comeback in the same game before last Friday’s thriller.

That awesome crowd at The Ice Sheet last Friday truly witnessed a unique Mustangs game.